SKUD71 Team : Ryan Porteous & Maureen McKinnon

Mission Statement: 

Our goal is to represent the United States, compete, and medal in the SKUD 18 class at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.We  know there is a long road ahead  but we are dedicated, enthusiastic, and passionate about the sport.

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To get there, my crew and I  will be training and competing in National and International Regattas in the  years building up to the Paralympic Games. Although running a campaign is rewarding, it is an expensive endeavor. The US Olympic Committee is providing some funding, but the majority of the costs of these regattas falls on us. Please take this journey with us and help us achieve our goal. We appreciate your support!

Most recent…

IFDS World Cup Miami Jan 26-30 2015



IFDS Worlds Halifax, Nova Scotia Aug. 15th-24th 2014


Thanks for your support!